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  There are more and more vehicles in front of your houses, which is very dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. Besides, many gardens have to make way to highways or expressways. How can we make everyone satisfied?



  From the health point of view we are living in a marvelous age. A large number of once fatal illnesses can now be cured by modern drugs and surgery. The expectation of life has increased enormously. But though the possibility of a long and happy life is greater than ever before, every day we witness the incredible slaughter of men, women and children on the roads. Man versus the motor-car! It is a never-ending battle which man is losing provided that the number of vehicles increase dramatically with years. Besides, we city-dwellers are obliged by our environment to adopt a wholly unnatural way of life. We lose touch with the land and rhythm of nature. Only electronic calendar in the computer may reminder you that it is spring or autumn because many gardens have to make way to highway or expressways.


  All the simple, good things of life like sunshine and fresh air are at a premium. Traffic fumes pollute the atmosphere and the flow of traffic goes on unceasingly and the noise never stops and thousands of people the world over are killed or horribly mutilated each year and our governments are quietly sitting back and letting it happen.


  When transportation corporations and motor companies have already made great effort to make travel more comfortable and efficient governments should have concerned about how we can make every dweller satisfied in terms of urban environment. With regard to selling vehicles and transportation infrastructure plan, the laws of some countries are notoriously lax, which contributes the extremely disorder in transportation. From my point of view, here are a few examples of some of the things that might be done. The majority of roadways in cities should be built underground to make room for public gardens and lakes. Great effort should be made to develop public transportation. The tax on petrol should be increased. In addition, governments should lay down a rule for manufactures of lowest price of vehicles. These measures may sound inordinately harsh, but surely nothing should be considered as too severe if it results in a happier life. After all, the world is for human being, not motor-cars.


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